Crime Report

Academic Strategies

  1. In a notebook, write about a time when you accomplish something you set out to do. It can be something big- like graduating from high school or something smaller, like cleaning out your closet or saving up for a trip out of town. What made you want to accomplish the goal? What specific steps did you take to do it?

At the time I was 18 years just out of high school and wanted to be a police officer, so What made wanted to accomplish this goal was because at time their was nothing else I can see myself doing but to be a part of the Jamaica police department and I was willing to do anything to be a part of it. So I sign up working has a Volunteer Administrative Assistant and one day the commissioner of the division’ where I work asked me to fill in a police report for an office that was burgled. I called the office secretary and asked her to email a description of what happened and what was stolen. Based on her email I was asked to write in the information on a police report which had to be hand written. I had to use concise information as the report had relevant boxes for certain information. This was very challenging and I had to use keen written communication skills to present the most relevant and concise information.

3. Pick a short- term goal, and write a series of daily and weekly actions that will bring you closer to that goal. Create a to –do list with every task you need to accomplish tomorrow, and make sure you include the actions that will support the short- term goal you’ve chosen
I have always tried to set clear targets and reach them whatever happens. At the moment, despite the fact that I am fully indulged in college now, I find time and strength to start up new activities and reach new goals. One of my short-term goals relates to one of my dreams – visiting Brazil. I have always been attracted by this culture: mysterious, magnetic, charming, and at the same time still unexplored. I have also made up my...