1.1 Outline early years curriculum models supporting children’s care, learning and development.
Foundation phase:
Personal and social development, well being and diversity.
Children learn about themselves, their relationships with other children and adults.
They are encouraged to develop their self esteem, personal beliefs and moral values.
Supports cultural diversity by identifying all children. Celebrates different cultures and helps children recognise and gain positive awareness of all cultures including their own
Supports children to become confident, competent and independent thinking.
Language, literacy and communication skills.
Children’s skills develop through talking, thinking, signing, communicating and listening.
Opportunities to choose and use reading materials, understand conventions of print and books, given opportunity to enjoy mark making and writing experiences.
Encourage children to communicate their needs, feelings, thoughts, and re-tell their experiences, by asking questions, expressing opinions, making choices and reacting to situations.
Mathematical development.
Children develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of mathematics by solving problems.
Use number daily, shape, sort, sequence, match, compare, create patterns and relationships.
Use a variety of ways such as, objects, pictures, diagrams, words, symbols and ICT.
Welsh language development.
To develop use and communicate in welsh to the best of their ability.
Using enjoyable planned activities, range of stimili to help build on and increase of previous knowledge and experience, ICT, visual material.
Knowledge and understanding of the world.
Children will learn through enquiery and investigation to develpo understanding and knowledge of the world.
Help begin to understand past events, people and places, living things and the work people do.
Helps to learn to demonstrate care, responsibility, concern and respect. Express own ideas, opinions and feelings....