Ccld Unit 027

Unit 027 – Support children and young people’s health and safety

Outcome 1

There are many factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services.   When I am planning to take the children outside to play in the garden I first check there are no open gates in the garden or animal waste. I also make sure there are no broken toys or litter in the area and the toys outside are clean and safe to be played with. When planning an indoor activity I ensure all toys and activities are safe and clean for the children to use and nothing unwanted has been dropped on the floor. This ensures I follow our health and safety procedure policy in order to maintain duty of care. I take into consideration my desired outcome of the specific environment or service for the children or young people to progress to the next milestone in their development, for example a toddler progressing from using scissors with two hands to being able to just use one hand to cut, Another example being a preschool child learning pencil control and how to hold it properly in order to write their own name. In doing this it ensure children are always mentally stimulated to the best of their abilities in accordance to their needs and age group.
In the workplace health and safety is monitored and maintained by the use of risk assessments which are displayed on walls around the nursery to make people aware of the hazards and encourage a safe working environment for all. Risk assessments are also explained and shown to new members of staff on their induction day and placed in areas of the nursery where parents can also see them.
In my workplace there are many sources of guidance for planning healthy and safe environments and services. One of these is the manager, who oversees the nursey ensuring there is a correct child to staff ratio and level of supervision in each area and all toys and equipment are in good condition and easily accessible. The manager...