Career Sumary Final

Kudler’s Plan for Success
Kudler Fine Foods was started by Kathy Kudler, a woman who had a passion for gourmet food, in 1998.   Kathy was unsuccessful in locating gourmet food stores in her surrounding area, so this led her to create her own business. Kudler currently has three stores operating in the metropolitan area of San Diego, California: La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas, with a fourth to open in Carlsbad.   Kudler places personal value in all of her employees, and intends to create a restructured multi-functional team that is aligned with the organizations goals.   The new team will consist of a general manager, an assistant manager, and three sales representatives.  
To begin the process, job analysis will be performed.   This will in turn determine job descriptions and qualifications.   Once the evaluation is completed, training will be initiated to enhance the skills and performance of the employee and the team.   Methods for evaluating employee and team performance will be developed and will include a progressive discipline process.   Incentive and benefit packages will be prepared and presented to the new team.   This includes career development strategies for employees.   Finally, each position will have a complete compensation package established.   The three sales representatives and the assistant manager will all have a specialty in which they will be knowledgeable: bakery, meats, produce, or cheese and wine.  
Job Descriptions and Qualifications
The first step in creating the sales team is the use of job analysis, which is the process an organization undergoes to obtain information about specific jobs (Cascio, 2005).   It is important for employees to understand that the information obtained will be used for staffing, training, performance management, and many other human resource management activities (Aguinis, Mazurkiewicz, & Heggestad, 2009).   The process that has been chosen is the structured questionnaire.   Questionnaires are...