Literacy Narrative

Bruce Lee
English Comp. 101
J. Gremillion
September 9, 2012
Literacy Narrative

Life as a Writer

Writing has always been a fun thing for me as long as I can write on a topic that keeps my interest. Things I like to about include the following: myself, basketball, football, baseball, and things like that. However, one of the worst topics I have ever been given was assigned by my ninth grade English I teacher, Mrs. Erin Friedlander.
In ninth grade, Mrs. Friedlander gave us a history topic to write a four page essay on. The topic was the Civil War. Now although i like to learn about the Civil War and the events that occurred during this time, the thought of writing about it was not very appealing to me. It just seemed like a very boring topic to write about. I didn't know where to begin. As I'm thinking about where to begin, the sudden realization hits me. When someone writes about themselves, they can make some of the things up in order to make the story more interesting. When writing about events that happened in history, there's no making anything up. Everything has to be exact and on point. These were the challenges I was faced with in writing about this topic, making it interesting and keeping the reader into the story. Although it was a rough and difficult topic to write about, I must have done a decent job because Mrs. Friedlander gave my paper a B+. Mrs. Friedlander also gave many assignments that I enjoyed writing about as well as reading.
Mrs. Friedlander made us read the novel written by Harper Lee entitled, To Kill a Mockingbird. I was interested in becoming a lawyer at the time so as she said, "You are bound to like this book." My favorite character in the book was Jem's father, Atticus Finch. During the time of the Great Depression, he was assigned to be the defense attorney for a black male by the name of Tom Robinson who was accused of raping a white woman. During the part of the novel that the court was in session, the book was glued to...