What is education to us? Is education a way to achieve our dreams? Do we use education to strengthen our lifetime experiences and common knowledge? People from all over the world use it for different reasons, and there in lies a problem. Education can be forgotten by the people how can benefit the most from it. The reason why students around the world attend college for one common purpose, to ensure that our futures will be healthy and prosperous. But the people who don’t realize that education is not only affordable, beneficial don’t take a second to reconsider attending. Education also helps us with the building blocks of life, such as knowledge from a young age and enriching ourselves to grow into the future. Education benefits us with the understanding of common knowledge from every day situations, to a lifetime of prior knowledge. Education is a common tool of life; it helps us succeed with daily chores to extensive time periods of hardship. Education is derived from consistency, needing a stable career, and how education builds with the blocks that we puzzle together called life.
The years that we attend general education are the most important years of consistent learning. In these years, teachers are instructed to develop simple skills in children that will increase over their general education into the most technical. K-12 are the first building blocks of education because these years help structure future education slowly. Although students are highly influenced to succeed in school, teachers and
parents take desperate measures to persuade students to try harder. In the essay In Praise of the F Word, Mary Sherry explains how using the word “flunking” is a method to persuade students to do better in their studies.
“It is an expression of confidence by both teachers and parents that the students have the ability to learn the material presented to them.” (503)
Mary Sherry presents a argument that can be considered false in some...