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Career Services
Job Search: Looked on many websites for personal training and physical therapy jobs.
What I learned…
Personal Trainer Job Qualifications: High school diploma and certification classes; associate's or bachelor's degree in fitness-related field is also preferred.
Other Requirements: Previous experience and/or certification is generally required.
Who I talked with: Brian in career services.
When: December 14, 2015 in the afternoon

Cameron Bishop
10718 69th St.

Preferred Job: Looking for a personal training job working in a gym or fitness center.
Education: Graduate of Indian Trail High School in Kenosha, WI (2015)
Graduation Date: 2019
Major/Minor: Majoring in physical educational with an emphasis on human health and performance. Minoring in business management so I can manage my own fitness center one day.
Previous Employment/Volunteer Experiences: Internship at Flex and Burn Fitness with my personal trainer Gus Harris
Professional Disposition: Most personal trainers work in a gym or fitness center. They spend their time interacting with clients in an office or training them on the gym floor. I feel this the perfect job for me because of my social and motivational skills. I also have a very strong knowledge of physical fitness, nutrition, and health.
Job Shadow Assignment

Date and time you shadowed the individual:
. Friday December 4th
Name and position of that person:
. Gus Harris
. Personal Trainer
. My old personal trainer back at home.
Why did you choose this person?
. He has had a huge impact on me regarding my development as an athlete.
What activity did you observe?
. I observed one of his personal training sessions with one of his clients.
How did observing this individual help you?
. It helped me see how his job works and observe the skills that are critical for you to be good at it
. It was also a good experience because I know I either want to be a...