There comes a time in life when one should begin looking ahead and planning the future. Therefore, deciding which career to pursue plays an important part in a person’s future. By high school, most students already know which vocation are they going to pursue, or already possess an interest in a certain field. Photojournalism, travel agent, and psychology are three careers that attract numerous high school students.
To begin with, psychologists need to have an outstanding listening skill, and should always deal effectively with people. “Sensitivity, compassion, good communication skills, and the ability to lead and inspire others are particularly important qualities for persons whishing to do clinical work and counseling” (Occupational Outlook Handbook).
To become a psychologist, education beyond high school is vital. The completion of a master’s degree in psychology is required, though a doctorate degree is highly recommended. In addition, passing a licensing exam and a psychology internship are also a requisite for this occupation.
The investigation of the human mind and behavior is what this career is all about. “Like other social scientists, psychologists formulate hypotheses and collect data to test their validity” (Occupational Outlook Handbook). They collect data by constant observation of their clients, while helping their patients understand themselves. Psychologists must find original and creative ways of solving problems.
Patients are the number one priority for psychologists, therefore they should always be alert for any changes in their patient’s behavior.
To begin with, in order to become a photojournalist, one has to possess certain skills. Writing skills and an eye for art are definitely needed. In this particular field, having good character and personality is imperative, since photojournalists are constantly treating with people.
In addition, education beyond high school is considered necessary in this vocation. “Some...