Career Development Plan Summary

Career Development Plan Summary- Kudler Fine Foods

As you all know running a company is not easy.   It takes hard work and dedication to for the end results to be where you want them to be.   At Kudler Fine Foods, our management team has been doing an excellent job; however, we are not where we need to be.   As it was stated to me, my team and I have been restructured to how the previous midlevel management has managed things before.   Managing is essential in this work environment as it establishes a foundation for your employees.   I have done an extreme amount of research in which I have come up with different methods from the hiring process all the way to team appraisals.   In this proposal, I have come up with different ways in which Kudler Fine Foods can benefit greatly.   Although the outcome of these changes will not happen overnight, it will take hard work from all staff to make sure these methods are implemented properly.
The five new positions that will be implemented from here on out are; Director of Human Resources, Human Resources Recruiter, Lead trainer, Lead of   finance and accounting, and Human Resources personnel. Each of these positions will hold different qualifications and job descriptions.   Each position is detailed below:
Director of Human Resources:
Job description:
1. Developing and maintaining a human resources system that meets top management information needs.
2. Develops policies and complies with federal and state law.
3. Coordinates Human Resources activities, labor relations, compensation, benefits, employment, and employee services.
4. Oversees and approves all Human Resources activities before being carried out.
5. Supervise all Human Resource staff.
The Director of Human Resources needs to have a Masters in Business Administration with five years experience, or Bachelors degree with 10 years experience.   The qualified candidate must have knowledge of state and federal employment law, and experience in training, payroll...