Career Plan

My Career Interests and Competencies

Phoenix Career Services offers tools such as Career Interests Profiler and Competencies, to help students establish careers with their education. I learned careers that matched my personality and how my behaviors, abilities and skills effect work performance. Based on the Career Interests Profiler the types of careers my personality matched were conventional, social, and enterprising occupations. Conventional occupations involve working with data and detail that follows procedures and routines. Jobs where one works with people through communications and teaching are social occupations. In enterprising occupations you start and ensure projects are carried out as well as make decision and take risks. These results were interesting because the information returned reflected my actual career interest and some that did not interest me. For instances, I like Secretarial and Administrative positions, however, Dispatching and Librarian positions have never been an interest of mine.
The Career Builder Competencies tool listed my strengths related to performances at work. Networking which involves having good relationships with co-workers and customers and being able to communicate with all levels of people, was my strongest competency. Organizing, innovating, researching, delivering results and taking initiative all had the same level of strength. I feel comfortable with these results. I am a person that takes initiative and does not have a problem with introducing new changes at the workplace. I am also a fast learner who can demonstrate understanding of new tasks. I also have the abilities to manage time effectively by planning in advance to ensure projects are completed. Now that I know my personal competencies, it will help me improve my critical thinking skills and evaluate arguments by allowing me to think clearer making valid decisions.