Career Development Planning Memo

InterClean, Inc.
To: Sales Supervisory Team and HR Department
From: Kiara Latson Sales Manager
Date: October 4, 2010
Re: Career Development Plan Part I- Job Analysis and Selection
As we all know InterClean Inc. and EnvirTech have now merged. With this new merger some structural changes will occur within the company. The company will not only sell cleaning products but also the company will now offer full service cleaning solutions for various organizations in the industry of health care. As a result of the changes we will need a new team that will be using a specific expansion plan which will also be known as the Career Development Plan. This structured plan will focus on four categorical phases. The initial step that will be reviewed is the initiation of a job analysis, the second stage will be generating a work force planning system in regards to the development of sales, the third step is the selection method and the final step is the collection of the members chosen to represent our sales team.
Job Analysis
Considering that our sales team will be restructured, it is essential that a new job analysis will be formulated for all new and existing sales team positions within InterClean Inc. It is imperative that the correct candidates are chosen to complete our team. The different methods will help the hiring team choose the individual who will be the best fit for the position. We conducted a job analysis to evaluate the job, design training, develop a career plan, and to aid in the process of selecting the new sales team.

I have begun with job performance and have also prompted the method of observation and definitely interviews. The observation method would be beneficial because direct exposure to the position will provide a richer, deeper understanding of job requirements than workers’ descriptions of what they do. I have always felt one should know how to do a job in order to be able to understand the type of individuals best suited...