Career Development Plan

Career Development Plan Summary
    Logitech (LG) has acquired Virtual Tech (VT); a commercial company that specializes in virtual simulation. NGC is planning to expand into the business of providing services of developing simulation training programs for the United States military.   The company will merge LG will the Electronics Systems Sector (ESS).   This will require the company to establish warehousing functions to support manufacturing.   Moving from commercial to a government financed business arena is not easy; warehouse employees at VT are not familiar with military regulations.   ESS management is mandating the establishment of an audit compliance team in relations to inventory controls with members who have the skills, knowledge, and experience that will take the company into this market segment.   The sector vision is to provide the best solutions for sensing, understanding, anticipating, and controlling, the environment, enabling rapid overwhelming advantage for our customers and their operations (Logitech, 2010).
    As a mid-level manager assigned establishing an audit compliance department for the Global Supply Chain (GSC) organization to oversee development and implementation of audit compliance processes, I will gather a team with employees from the ESS employee roster and together we will identify all the necessary positions required to establish a competent audit team.   Perform the analysis of each position to determine the team performance evaluation requirements; use the requirements in the team member selection criteria; and provide the details of the candidate selections.   With the combination of the workforce from both companies, NGC has an impressive roster of suitable candidates.   We will make the team member selection base on the employee performances and interviews.   Create and institute a development plan to provide assurance for the success of this new endeavor.
Development Plan
    This development plan includes a thorough...