Career Development Plan

Career Development     one

Career Development Plan
Enterprise Maintenance Services

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Career Development Plan
    Enterprise Maintenance Services is a full service janitorial supplier that maintains inventory on all the supplies, products, dispensers, and equipment.   EMS proudly serves the entire North Florida region especially Jacksonville.   It prides itself on professional quality and service that is skillful and properly completed in a timely fashion. In addition it continually provides employee sales and service training to maintain its exemplorary standards. The company is proud to be distributors of Chemspec, Mytee, Pioneer Eclipse, Kent EuroClean, Simple Green that is eco friendly.   Simple Green is appropriate for people who suffer from chemical allergies or reactions, people who want to reduce their carbon footprint, and those who are environmentally conscious.
EMS will be restructured and needing additional sales and cleaning individuals but also intends on retaining its current employees. This company currently has five individuals it is considering keeping on and two new employees to add on to the company:
  * Needs to possess a four year degree and have reliable transportation to ensure that employees are performing up to par.
  * Work closely with mid level management
Janitor (x2)  
  * Needs to be punctual and be familiar with the products and be consistent in maintaining cleanliness
Sales Manager
  * needs to possess a four year degree but also needs to possess a minimum of   two years janitorial  
Career Development     three
  * experience
  * relationship deepening is required
  * generate an atmosphere of success
Sales Officer
  * No formal training is mandatory but the individual does need to be habituated with different...