Career Development Plan Part Ii

Career Development Plan Part II
Alicia Smith
September 25, 2010
Kenyon Mau

This paper involves the development of training and mentoring program to orient and train employees of the newly merged InterClean and Envirotech , which formed a new entity.     We will meet both the needs of the organization and the employees.   We will deal with the needs for the program, what the objectives are, the performance standards, and delivery methods to be used.   The new organization will discuss the content for training and mentoring,   time frame needed to complete the training, evaluation method to be used, feedback, and alternative avenues for employees needing further development.
The New Training and Mentoring Needs
After the merger of InterClean and EnviroTech, there must be training and mentoring program for the employees,   to help with a smooth transition into the new company.   Training keeps employees knowledgeable and in the loop about changes in the industry now and in the future. Training must be effective for the program to work.   Training must be developed according to the needs of those participating in the program.   Training is the teaching of practical skills to develop and/or improve performance.
Mentors must be trained to be effect and their training must meet the objective of the participants which is the measure we will use to evaluate the mentor.   ( Once mentors have been trained there should be orientation to provide information to those they are to mentor.   There should next be a good match between the mentor and employee.   There should be something the two have in common, maybe they have a love for sports, and this could open the lines communication.   This is the person they may shadow, go to with problems, if they have question, get help from, and so on.   This is the person the employee will be spending a large amount of his time with.   The mentor will need to be a well -rounded individual....