Career Development Plan

As many of us have heard, we have met many goals thus far. The merger with EnviroTech was successful, we have a new sales team,   implemented a training and mentoring program, and we are embarking on creating a performance and career management plan to help assist employees in continuing successfully down this new journey. The creation of this new plan is to help us in alignment with the company and its strategic plan. The plan will assist our current employees in understanding their current performance rating and status within the company as well as what issues and skills can be acquired to improve in other areas of the job. The primary goal of the plan is to maximize the job accomplishments of each employee.   This new plan is vital to the management team as well as the employee. Personal growth and development are only some of the benefits of this Performance and Career Management Plan.  

Performance Evaluations will be one step to creating and implementing the new plan.   Performance evaluations will be provided at the end of a 90-day probationary period. After the employee has had his first evaluation, the performance will then be done once every quarter.   As a manager, it is our responsibility to coach, train, teach and motivate the employees to achieve their personal as well as professional career goals.   To provide consistent feedback of each employee’s performance, it is necessary to hold as many useful evaluations as deemed possible without creating any burdensome on the manager or the employee.   During these evaluations, the manager and the employee will have ample time to discuss the areas of weaknesses and strengths of each employee as well as the thoughts of the team’s weaknesses and strengths. The areas of the evaluation will consist of job knowledge, attendance/punctuality, quality/costs, professionalism, initiative, and teamwork.