Career Development Plan Summary

Career Development Plan Summary
Keonia Reed
University of Phoenix, Augusta Campus
Travis Gordon
June 5, 2010

      Ever since opening the very first store in 1998 in La Jolla, Kudler Fine Foods was extended by opening two more stores in addition.   The author was employed in the year of 2001 as the manager of the meat department at the Del Mar Store.   The meat department manager operates straight beneath the grocery store manager.   In recent times the author has been knowledgeable that the team will be reorganized.   Presently, the author manages a number of three workers: one meat cutter and two meat clerks.   The department will have added tasks so there is a must to employ new employees.   The business is leading in the direction of a more team based organization.   The new and present employees both will have to be taught.   The existing process of reviewing performance is no longer legitimate so a new review system has to be created.   The below is a plan in which consist of proposals and validations concerning how this reorganization will be designed and executed.
Job Descriptions and Qualifications
Kudler Fine Foods needs a team of new and present individuals to drive our existing products and possibly build up new ways to grow business in the nearby areas.   Within the proposal, various points will be discussed and recommended to make Kudler Fine Foods the best in the fine foods business.   Below will list the job descriptions and qualifications for each employee:
  1) Sales Manager of Meat Department   – Accountable for making sure that the meat department is ran easily and efficiently, accomplishes sales, position inventory objectives, manage expenses and sources, manage merchandise by ordering products, held accountable for the value of the products, have tough association, analytical, managerial, sales, communication, and computer abilities, experienced in shelf allotment, outlaying and product categorizing, schedule work employees, knowledge...