Career Development Plan Summary

DATE: June 14, 2010
MEMO TO: Kathy Kudler, Harvey Stephens, Yvonne Reynolds, Brenda Wagner
FROM: Denise Stelly
RE: Career Development Plan Summary

Kathy Kudler established Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) in 1998. Kathy opened this establishment to provide her customers with high quality organic foods. The first store opened in La Jolla, California. The success of this store prompted the opening of two additional locations (University of Phoenix, n.d.).The Delmar location is not doing as well as expected and this location will close soon. The employees will consolidate to the new location, Carlsbad, California.
The closure of the one store and opening of another is creating changes to all the stores.   This memo will describe the changes occurring at Kudler Fine Foods. Due to restructuring, Kudler has five new positions to fill, descriptions and qualifications for the positions, training programs, evaluation methods,   delivery of feedback, incentive and benefits package, management strategy, and a compensation plan.

Job Description and Qualifications

The positions filled due to the restructuring include an assistant manager, a service associate, and three service assistants.

Assistant Manager
• Assists store manager
• Complies with company policies
• Practice good customer relations
• Creates employee schedules
• Trains employees
• Orders and receives merchandise
• Prepares sales and inventory reports
• Takes customer complaints and other customer related issues
• Helps store employees
• Must have prior retail experience and knowledge of organic products
• Must be a self starter and willing to take the initiative, able and willing to work without direct supervision, and be willing to attend appropriate training sessions
• Must be willing to travel to other locations
• High School Diploma or GED required
• At least two years of college and/or relevant management experience is preferred
• Good oral and written communication...