Career Development Plan Summary

Career Development Plan Summary
Josh Grimaud
February 7th, 2011
Pam Gardiol

This paper will describe proposal for a new organizational approach regarding the management and structure of the new sales team. The paper will cover a new job description and qualification, a training program, and methods for feedback and employee evaluation. Also included are strategies for total team involvement, incentives and benefits, and career development strategies. Finally, a compensation plan will be covered.

Career Development Plan Summary
Restructuring a sales team, including the addition of new sales positions, is the perfect opportunity to review the way InterClean satisfies its customers, both internally and externally. The structure and operation of successful organizations is changing constantly, including changes in the role of every employee in the organization. Many of today’s successful organizations are using more teamwork and less management to provide the highest level of customer service. The needs of employees are also take a new shape as a result of the diverse workforce in today’s world, and organizations are changing the ways in which they compensate and reward employees.
Job Description and Qualification
The merger at InterClean necessitates the expansion of the sales department. This expansion includes a five-member sales team, with one member who is the supervisor of the team. Interview and observation of potential candidates are the tools used to fill the new positions. The process also includes the use of a job analysis of the new position to find people who are the best fit for the team. Greenburg and Greenburg (1980) found that approximately 20% of the salespeople account for 80% of the sales because they are the right fit for the job.
Job Description...