Business Studies Case Study

A key influence on employment relations from Venture’s industrial dispute is that the (stemmed from the management decisions to relocate) $25 million of employee entitlements were not going to be paid due to the financial instability of the company (obviously weren’t making profit, efficiency). As assumed these entitlements would have occupied majority of the collective agreement Venture Industries had made with the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and there entitlements should be paid. As management suggested that the company would relocate and close down the Campbellfield operation as it was cheaper than paying out the entitlements.

Aspects include allowing (insert) and reliable management to notify of the change rather than the information surrounding the employees. Hear say.

Venture management and their employees socially impacted on their corresponding companies such as the giant, Ford. This is also unethical as the Ford employees were forced to be stood down due to the fact that Venture wasn’t making their products. (components for cars result)

Dispute resolution should of followed the grievance procedure which is a is a formal document for all award certified, collective agreements and Australian Workplace Agreements. This order of steps is taken within a business to find and resolve disputes on a vast scale, such as Venture Industries. There is a Grievance Committee which consists of employees and management representatives and their task is to identify grievances within the work place and make recommendations. This would of esolved the disgruntled employees at Venture and saved the employees and management at Ford for lost productivity and wages.