Case Study of Gm

Dissertation for MBA

Causes of insolvencies in large businesses; a case study of General Motors

Submitted in partial fulfilment for the approval of MBA Dissertation University of Wales

Makboolbhai Masi University Student Number: 1111867487103 University of Wales


Dedication This dissertation is dedicated to my beloved parents, Ibrahimbhai and Halimben. Without their emotional support and love it was not possible for me to study and research this valuable prospect of my life. I also remember my maternal uncle Kifaytullah, unfortunately he is not with us in this world and left his remembrance behind. He actually had dreamed for me to study in London for my MBA.


Acknowledgements This could not be possible without support of my colleagues and family. I would like to express thanks to my lecturers who taught me this subject and guided in the research and writing of this report. I am also grateful to my family especially my wife who provided me with great support during my entire project. I would also like to mention the name of my lecturer, Mr. Nazimudeen Saleem whose assistance encouraged me to complete this project successfully. With his assistance I was able to write my dissertation. I also express my sincere gratitude to my participants who responded with their best views and spent time for survey. I also express my thanks to my brother Aslam, Akil and friend Rafaqat who helped me in distribution and collection of my survey. I would also like to mention that all the work of this report is solely my own work and in cases where I have taken assistance from other sources of data, it is appropriately referenced in my report. Finally, I want to show my special gratitude to my children Mohammad and Fahim for instructing me to use some features of Microsoft word and excel, which were unknown to me.


Abstract This report has intentionally been written for those large organisations, which run at risk of failure. World one of the biggest car...