A Business Strategy Case Study on Reliance Mobile

Reliance Mobile: A Business Strategy Review

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
        1. Purpose
        2. Key Findings
        3. Recommended strategic option

  2. Introduction:
        1. Outline of business under study
        2. External environment and industry of Reliance mobile
        3. Reason for undertaking the study

  3. Strategic Analysis:
        1. Methods and techniques of data collection
        2. Analysis of the external environment of the business
        3. Analysis of the internal environment of the business
        4. Recommended strategic option
        5. Implementation of the strategic option

  4. Conclusion
  5. References
  6. Appendices

1. Executive Summary

  1. Purpose
      Reliance Communications is one of the leading mobile phone service providers in India, the largest and most competitive telecom markets in the world. The purpose of this report is to study and analyse the internal and external environments of the mobile phone services industry in India. The analysis in this report should enable us in assessing the past and present strategies of the company and craft a new strategy if any scope of optimisation from the strategies presently being implemented.

  2. Key Findings
      It has been observed from the analysis that Reliance Communication has successfully crafted and implemented ‘Focused Low Cost’ strategies and by providing unmatched value for the customer’s money, compelled the rivals to follow on the same lines. However, it was also noticed that over the years, Reliance Communications has be the best-cost provider in the market and owning the largest network infrastructure is now capable of focusing and explorer new areas and technologies while maintaining its low-cost, high quality image.

  3. Recommendations
      Realising that the ‘Focused low cost’ strategies would not be the appropriate in the current market situation where the spending habit of consumers...