Business Research Methods Part I

Business Research Methods Part I
Applied Business Research and Statistics
QNT 561

Business Research Methods Part I
      In a world where the economy has caused so many losses to people, insurance is something that every person should have. Every day, it is reported of people not possessing insurance to cover home damage, car accidents, and even their lives. It would not be so unreasonable to expect the manufacturer or retailer to cover expensive electronics prone to damage and loss. This business research will address the research question involving AT&T’s iPhones, define a research design and offer a sample design.
Research Question
      AT&T has put itself in the forefront of expensive phone technology with the development of the iPhone. As cell phone consumers spend hundreds of dollars on phones, many do so with the comfort of possessing insurance to cover their investment. Even so not all phone providers offer insurance directly through the company. Therefore, the research question is; why will AT&T not allow customers who have purchased the iPhone, to purchase insurance directly through them? “One of the biggest complaints people have had about the iPhone is that if they drop it, lose it, or it gets ripped off, they're out of luck. AT&T doesn't offer any insurance programs for the iPhone like it does for other handsets; I'd wager to guess that's because the iPhone is, indeed, more expensive than the others when not subsidized” (Hickney, 2010, p. 2). Our research has found that there are insurances available through partner companies provided by AT&T, but the company will not offer that product directly through them.
Research Design
This research question will be answered through a study of a chosen representative sample of iPhone users. “A sample is expected to mirror the population from which it comes; however there is no guarantee that any sample will be precisely representative of the population from which it comes” (Mugo, 1990, p. 1). This...