Business Research Methods, Part I

Business Research Methods
Team A’s paper focuses on the University of Phoenix Business Methods and the development of different research methods to run a successful organization.   We will determine a question arising from an organizational dilemma and different methods that could help with various obstacles. We will also describe how an appropriate research design will be developed for UOP to describe its dependent and independent variables. Our team will also identify a sample design that is effective and helps saves money. Our paper will address different ways to collect and sample data to address different issues that an organization may have and the procedures that will make the business more efficient.
Institutions, such as colleges and universities, deal with numerous concerns brought about by a large amount of higher learning supporters.   There is a need for the institution to be held responsible for limiting faculty independence, increasing control in the presidential office, and resilient corporate control. Authority in the twentieth century reflects a decrease in the influence of the professor and an increase in the executive branch controls. It appears that leadership is missing within many institutions. Many could question, how this can happen and who can fix it. The defined problem is that the professors lack independence in their classrooms and the executive officers has a great deal of control. This is a problem that is affecting many institutions today.
For the University of Phoenix (UOP) to decide on a suitable investigative plan that caters to its base of students they must look at the measurability, collection and the examination of all data that can be presented. By creating a tailor made research design the University of Phoenix will be able to maximize the amount of time needed to distribute its limited number of resources and clarify the suggestion of the business. Exploratory and formal are two categories of a research design. Exploratory...