Business Letter + Memos

Mr. Roger Hugg
Valued Customer
PJ’s Gas
4321 First Street
Placer, CA 95382
Date 8/29/10

Dear Mr. Hugg,
Here at PJ’s Gas we are always looking out for the needs of our valued customers. In recent announcements of gas prices continuing to rise we have found ways that our valued customers won’t be impacted with the recent gas price increases. We will be announcing new store hours. After researching when our valued customers shop in our stores we have found that our customers prefer to stay home on Sundays and not use our locations during extreme hours. With the data we have collected we be closed on Sunday and our normal business hours from Monday through Saturday will be 9 am to 8 pm. You will also be excited to know that we will not be closing any stores in the near futures it ensure that our valued customers can continue to shop at all of our great locations. Here at PJ’s our associates will continue to strive and serve all of our customers.
Sincerely yours,

PJ’s Gas
Public Relations Manager

To: PJ’s Gas employees
From: Paul
Subject: New Store Hours

We have news that is going to excite everyone. We are annoucning new employee friendler stre hours. Going forward effective this Sunday we will no longer be open on Sundays as research has found that our customers tend to stay home on this day and decided that our employees should as well.   Our   FT. employees will not work four days instead of 5 but work 10 hour days instead of 8. We want you to enjoy an extra day off and not worry about hour being cut back. With this extra day off you know are able to enjoy extra time with your family and plan three day events. As for our employees that work PT. your work weeks will be condensed into 1,2, or 3 days depending on the amount of hours you have put in. This will help reduce you commuting costs and free more time for yourself during the week. The best is still to come! We are announcing NEW STORE HOURS! Our hours of operations will now be 9 am...