Business Portfolio

Business Portfolio Robert C, Larry Jr. University of Phoenix Com/285 Dr Golabek July 24, 2010

This paper will discuss the changing in the retail store by the Public Relation Manager. This will included the three sets of stakeholder of this retail clothing store chain.   The stakeholders are store managers, employees, retail customers and the public. This will explain adjustment that allow employees to come to work on fewer days a week in effort to combat rising gas prices and save money on store operations. The store will close on Sundays. Monday through Saturday, stores open an hour later and close an hour earlier. Ours full time employees, including managers, work four 10 hour days a week.   Part time employees consolidate their hours in 1-2-or 3 day work weeks, depending on how many hours they are scheduled to work. There are no stores are closing, and no new stores are opening. There will be a business letter, a business memo, an e-mail message to the appropriate audience. The flowchart will outline how the schedule will be implementing to each of the stakeholders. Each one of the stakeholders will be inform by different type of message explaining the changing in the retail store operation. Each message will address the information that is presented in the scenario so your audience might perceive it in a positive way.

Business Letter: Store Managers
Harris Retail
1234 Main Ave
Columbia, SC
July 19, 2010
Mrs. Sonja Williamson
532 Short Bend Road
Columbia, SC
  RE: Harris Retail Stores Modified Operations
Dear Mrs. Williamson,
We would like to thank you for your dedication and hard work you have provided this company over the years. You may be aware of the increase in gas prices. Due to the rise, it is causing higher costs to the company as well as inflating gas bills for managers and employees commuting to...