Com285 Week 4 Business Writing Portfolio


Business Writing Portfolio
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Part I: Business Writing Steps
The public relations manager of Dosie Belle Clothiers is tasked with disseminating information to the company’s stakeholders. Among the stakeholders of this retail clothing chain are the store managers, the employees, the company’s retail customers, and the public at-large. The information is in regard to adjustments of store hours and personnel scheduling, as well as how these changes will affect the stakeholders.
Writing Steps
The initial step to drafting a business communication is to identify the audience. In this case, there will be three specific audiences; each requiring a slightly different approach to the business communication they will receive. Once the audience has been identified, complete the research with choosing an effective medium for delivery of the message, and to determine the expected action of the audience. When the research is complete beginning drafting the communication. Proofread the letter, memo, or email message to ensure proper spelling and punctuation. The structure of the communication should be formatted so that the message is easy to read and delivers information in a succinct style.
Finally, the evaluation is an important step to determining if a follow-up communication is required and to analyze the results of distributing the information. The following figure lists the steps for modeling a business communication:
Do the research, draft the communication, and evaluate your results. Following these simple steps will help to ensure your message is presented in the best possible manner.
Part II: Portfolio
Business Letter to Customers
November 29, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. James Jeffries
52287 Oakland Avenue
Welcome, NC   27295


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jeffries:

As a valued customer of Dosie Belle Clothiers, we...