Participating in the Dynamic Business Environment

Participating in the Dynamic Business Environment
Transamerica Ltd.

Transamerica is a global organisation incorporated in the AEGON Corporation. Transamerica covers reinsurance market in USA, Asia and pacific, Europe and South America.
Transamerica has seen a steady growth on its European markets and has been afloat in the US and South American markets.   The prospect of growth looks promising in Hong Kong, Taiwan and newly opened office in South Korea.
The operation in Dublin (Transamerica International Reinsurance Ireland Ltd) has been always effective and profitable. Even during 2008/2009 the office stayed profitable thanks to the low corporate tax and the direct business link to offices on bigger markets in France and Spain where the cooperation has always been close and profitable.
What the operation in Ireland regards as the most important fro business point of view is to be able to read the dynamic business environment and act accordingly to understand the business specifics, manage its operation appropriately and expand its portfolio and interest to cover larger area of the reinsurance market.
This assessment will present the analysis of the Transamerica operation in Ireland. It will also look at the business opportunities that the Irish environment offers and it will give recommendations for the business’s expansion and advancement.
This is done through the PEST analysis.
Political factors have a great affect on the economic activities of businesses in any country. Ireland enjoyed a steady increase in business development and capital growth thanks to the business orientated government. The political will in Ireland introduced in the 1980s social partnership, where state agencies, private businesses and local communities designed a plan and agreements on how to attract international businesses and also help domestic businesses to develop and expand.
This has been a favourable time for Transamerica Ireland as thanks to the business supportive...