Business Environment: Pestle Analysis – J Sainsbury Plc

Business Environment: PESTLE Analysis – J Sainsbury plc

J Sainsbury plc is one of the United Kingdom leading food retailers with interests in financial services, which consists of Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, Sainsbury’s Local, Bells Stores, Jacksons stores and JB Beaumont, Sainsbury’s Online and Sainsbury’s Bank with 153, 000 employees.  
The company serves over 16 million customers a week and at the end of the 31 March 2006, it had 752 stores through out the United Kingdom.   A large Sainsbury’s Supermarket offers around 30,000 products and the company owns 50% of own brand.
The J Sainsbury’s was founded in 1869 by John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury.   The company had started from a small dairy shop at 173 Drury Lane, London and the place where the shop was first opened was one of London’s poorest areas.   The shop managed to attract a lot of customers and became popular for offering high-quality products at low prices over the short period of time.
In 1882, 13 years interval, John James Sainsbury owned four shops.   He had so success in his business and he kept on expanding his business improving its product qualities and facilities.
The Sainsbury was wholly owned by its founding family over the period of one century and had reached a scale and stature that warranted public status by the early 1970s.   The company’s public flotation was the largest ever flotation on the Stock Exchange with a 45 times over-subscription for shares in 1973.
Over the last century, the company might have direct or indirect influence of external factors and the impacts might have contributed towards the current or present shape that exist today.   Uncertainty about the external environment tends to exist when factors affecting any organisation are complex and dynamic.   The factors are known as PESTLE which stands for as below:
• Political
• Economics
• Socio-cultural
• Technological
• Legal
• Environmental
Each factor does not stand alone. In some ways and some how these factors...