Cadburys - Business Environment

Cadburys Chocolate UK – An Introduction

Cadbury’s as a brand is one of the most recognised and reputable organisations on the planet. Formed in 1824 as a small cocoa, tea and chocolate franchise in Birmingham, England by John Cadbury, the business has gone from strength to strength and continues to conquer 20 out of 50 confectionery markets around the world today and has 13 of its bars in the list of the top 30 chocolate bars.
Cadbury’s have three confectionery attributes: Chocolate, Gum and Candy of which, are on sale virtually all over the planet focusing across four geographic regions and 12 markets from USA to Turkey, Russia to Australia. To achieve such success Cadbury’s employs around 50,000 people, work with 35,000 various suppliers and millions love their products every day.
Profits are also on the constant increase even with the current ‘credit crunch’ sales have increased by 6%, giving people comfort in times of crisis as it confectionery is still classed as an affordable treat.

Why buy Cadburys?

Cadburys have a reputation to constantly live up to and in order to do this they have made it a priority to find out what people want and are always researching this. In the past 5 years they have interviewed over a quarter of a million people in 47 market places alone. Cadburys do not want to be complacent in the market and with the help of the people buying their products they are able to achieve their purpose of creating brands that people love.
A customer of Cadburys expects a good quality, easily obtainable, affordable and enjoyable product. With every product Cadburys provide this high standard. Their customers expect variety too as well as retain-ability of firm favourites. For example, the Crème Egg is fundamental to Cadburys for its uniqueness and is a leading product over other eggs on the market and people return to buy them again and again.
Confectionery though is a competitive market and Cadburys have 2 main rivals in Mars and...