International Business Environment

Executive Summary
This report is conducted for the electric bicycle company for their decision of expanding internationally. In order to find out the existing or potential opportunities and threats in both UK and India, we analyze these two economies from political, economic and cultural aspects.
In UK, the trade policy and legal system are favorable for the company to do business. Although the economic situation is relatively unsatisfactory, the potential market of electric bicycle can be explored. The final aspect is the overall cultural environment in UK, which should be adjusted properly by the company when entering this market.  
In India, the economic aspects, the most important ones, reveal a great potential for the company because of the increasing GDP, mass private consumption and completed road network. On the political side, the company will encounter a complicated legal system in different areas and the prevalent corruption atmosphere situation of the political environment while the government strongly supports foreign investment. In addition, education, language, communication and the theory of Hofstede will be analyzed in the culture part.
Since both of the UK and India markets are prospective, we recommend the electric bicycle company to enter both of them


 UK Policy -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1

 UK Economy --------------------------------------------------------------- 2

 UK Culture ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3

 Recommendation --------------------------------------------------------------- 4

 India Economy ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5

 India Policy ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7

 India Culture ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9

 Recommendation...