Business Communication


Question 1

a. Set a communication objective for your meeting with George.
As a result of my meeting with George, he will approve my suggestion to buy three advanced computers and a more sophisticated photocopier.

b. Choose your communication style for the meeting with justification.
I will use tell and sell style for meeting with George.

Tell Style

I will tell George that one of the computers in my department has broken down and other computers are either old or slow.   Some of our staff has to share their computers with other colleagues.   It will affect their work efficiency, productivity and our day-to-day business.   They are not happy with their poor working environment.
I need to buy a sophisticated photocopier because our staff has already got heavy workload, our photocopier is always not working properly and do not have other functions such as staple, sort, scan etc.   We have to hire two part-time clerks to reduce their workload.

Sell Style

I will explain to George that the speed of these new computers are faster, efficiency, user friendly and have bigger megabyte.   The new photocopier has additional new functions and we can use it as a fax machine.
All these new equipments will reduce our staff’s workload and we can lay off two part-time clerks.   It provides a better working environment for them and will increase their work efficiency and more productivity.   Both our business and profit will grow rapidly.   These new equipments have energy saving function, it can reduce our electricity bill each month and also create a green working environment.

c. Show how you could motivate George to accept your idea with clear
  explanations.   You should use five ways to motivate him.

Punishment and Reward

Use a reward.
As George is the Financial Controller to control our office budget, I will explain to him that having these new advance equipments, staff will appreciate you, as it will help them to reduce their workload....