Bus34 Communication in a Business Environment

BUS34 Communication in a business environment

Outcome 1   Understand the requirement of written and verbal business communication

1.1 Explain why different communication methods are used in the business environment

Various different methods of communication are used in a business environment for different reasons. It is important to select an appropriate method for situation.

Verbal communication is used a lot internally, when talking on the phone or face to face to colleagues. This could be to pass messages, give instructions or feedback.

Examples of when this type of communication is used externally could be over the telephone, during a video conference or business meeting.

It is important to remember non-verbal communication during these situations. Studies have shown that the words we say actually make up a very small amount of information we process and how the message comes across. Our tone of voice and body language are much more important than the words we say.

Written communication is a more formal and precise method of communication. It is used when a permanent record/point of reference is required for example when outlining company policies and procedures. An advantage of using written communication is that information is/can be recorded permanently therefore there is less possibility of staff altering or misinterpreting the information (when given a task to do for example).

Whilst written communication is an easily circulated over a vast area/number of staff it is costly, time consuming and often slows down the communication process when waiting for responses or decisions to be made for example.

Written communication can take the form of; emails, letters, reports or notes. This kind of communication can also be used both internally and externally....