Bullying in Schools

Christopher Ryan
Heather Donovan
English 1A
18 June 2014
Bullying in Schools
The New York Times article, How Should Schools Address Bullying?by Shannon Doyne, has introduced a program that is allowing regular everyday people to have the tools to stop bullying in its tracks. You dont find a lot of articles on what happens to the victims of bullying in schools. You usually hear about them getting bullied and what we need to do about preventing it. The state of New Jersey has taken the initiative and started a program throughout the state and did something to stand up against bullying in school.   Under a new state law in New Jersey, lunch-line bullies in the East Hanover schools can be reported to the police by their classmates this fall through anonymous tips to the Crimestoppers hot line.   The teachers are attempting to get the students involved by encouraging them that there are no innocent bystanders when it comes to bullying: if they see it, they have a resposibility to try and stop it. There are limitations on how involved the teachers and students can get int the program. The State Education Department evaluates every effort and they will also post grades per school depending on their efforts. Like a bully rating for kids and parents to see. If the teachers fail to comply with this program may result in lose of licenses.   They had 2,846 bullying reports for 2008-2009.   This whole push is to incorporate this into schools all over the United States. This push is to hopefully make this part of our culture.   Lucila Hernandez, a school psychologist, said. “We’re empowering children to use the term ‘bullying’ and to speak up for themselves and for others.”
Some people may find this to be too extreme.   Have you ever been a victim or a bystander to bullying in schools? It becomes a religious act for bullies to bully their target.   The effect it has on these kids is life changing, and it needs to be stopped.   If you have not witnessed the after math of bully...