Hall, K. (2006). Solving problems together: a psychoeducational group model for victims of bullies. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 31(3), 201-217. Retrieved from EBSCOhost on March 28, 2011.

The article I reviewed was more interesting than I expected.   It was about helping victims of bullying in school problem-solve to address the issue.   I was skeptical because addressing the issue of bullying in a public education setting can be tricky. The article suggested a model called Solving Problems Together (SPT) which is based upon Problem Base Learning (PBL). PBL teaches children how to analyze problems and learn skills to think critically and analytically. SPT takes this method and uses it within a group.   This encourages participants to work together to develop skills and problem-solve which can create a support base for a victim of bullying. The article was very specific in providing examples and structure of how the group should run. Overall, I liked it because it addressed the group process in a way that would work for school counselors.   In a time when there is heavy emphasis on standardized testing and teachers not wanting to lose class time, it is important to do something that will be effective and really teach the students skills that can translate outside of the group.   I did have one concern with the article.   With bullying, emotional issues can come up for the students. The model presented did not really address those issues and I think it would be important for bullying victims to not only address how to handle the bullying but how to handle the emotions that come with it.