Bullying in the United States

Bullying in the United States
My main interest in this topic is how much bullying certainly can psychologically affect a student’s emotional developmental stage as well as affect students academically in school. While reading and annotating these articles I am hoping to see some impressive statistics about the research that other people had done about the affects of bullying in school. I also am really hoping to see some articles that talk about stories and different types of bullying.   I have found many articles ranging even between different countries; maybe just the United States has bullying problems? The most important goal of my research throughout these articles will be to see the relationship between bullying and school violence, is bullying the number one reason for school violence?   When learning which I hope all of these topics discussed, I hope to have a better understanding of what bullying is, what are possible solutions to stop bullying so when I become a teacher I can detect and defuse bullying throughout my classroom and hallway.   With recent technological advances bullying has escalated to a whole other level. Cyber bullying means bullying someone with text while they are in chat rooms, facebook and myspace for a few example.These new outbreaks of bullying have become quite a scare for many, now bullying Is not only a problem at schools, but when students go home many bullying tactics can still occur. With all the possible problems with bullying people as well as I have realized that this is a problem that cannot be pushed to the side.  

Article One
“Two Studies Highlight Links between Violence Bullying by Students”
The main idea of this article is talking about two extremely large studies that have proven school bullying and violence will lead to incidences of violence later on. During the first survey researchers came up with a way to find out if bullying is affecting children’s overall social and emotional development...