Introduction to Education 1012EPS

Assignment 1- Double Entry Journal Essay

Tutorial group- 16303

Tutor-John Scanlan

Submitted digitally 9/4/2008

      Bullying is an age-old problem. In most past social structures bullying has displayed its self in varying forms and was more contained. With the globalisation of world trade, emergence of television, Internet and satellite broadcasting coupled with a worldwide multiculturalism and interracial marriage, the breakdown in traditional family structure and diminishing dependency on and respect for the church and government authority, bullying is rampant in 21st century. Media has normalised bullying and it is often presented as humor. The purpose of this essay is to examine some different forms of bullying, its prevalence and how Australian education may contribute towards dealing with bullying.

      Cyber bullying, harassment and online safety is the number one issue compromising the safety of kids in schools at the moment. (Smith, 2007).
A pilot program has begun in an attempt to tackle cyber bullying, which has arisen and skyrocketed due to the accessibility and affordability of technology which would worsen with the arrival of the 3G network. Reports of abuse have gone from monthly to weekly to daily targeting children as young as 8 years old. (Smith, 2007)
Footage of young girls naked or having sex can easily end up on the Web with an audience of millions (Smith, 2007), after a relationship breakup. This can lead to dramatic ramifications such as the ruin of future careers, marriage prospects and family relationships.

      However, bullying is not confined to children and cyberspace alone. Findings from a Union survey suggesting 41.5 percent of non-teaching support staff have been bullied by principals and colleagues. (Tomazin, 2004)
Of the 229 staff who responded to the survey, most were women aged 50 years and older citing bullying by teachers or co-workers but most said that the principal...