Ethical Organization

The American business structure has been building a foundation for many years. America’s basis is still a work in progress to some extent and companies and employees alike are making strides to make cultural understanding and ethical dignity a part of daily business interactions. As a part of the growth of any company international trade and commerce becomes commonplace for what is considered a successful business portfolio today. When studying the inner-workings of the American culture one must gather information that helps define the role that ethics and morals play in business transactions both domestically and internationally. Ethical dilemmas are presented regularly and contribute to shaping the environment of domestic partnerships and international agreements. Moreover, American strategies and practices are not autonomous everywhere. International trade and relationships with other countries in business is a vital part of the global economy. Individual countries attempt to maintain free trade by importing and exporting products to and from other countries. This interaction can introduce cultural misunderstandings and distrust if no parties involved are careful to have an appreciation of what is morally acceptable from one country to the next. What is ethical in one country may be unacceptable in another. Business practices need a firm grasp of and respect for cultural diversity and bias because of such diversity. When a corporation has aspirations of being successful internationally, said ventures must have a set of ethical and moral standards and realize that other businesses in other countries do as well. The combination and understanding of cultural values and respect must be recognized to ensure a successful global business.
Ethical Issue
The world has been transformed in recent years by a phenomenon affecting everyone, globalization, especially in the field of employment. According to Carnegie Council (2002) website there was a time when the...