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Building an Ethical Organization Part II
                                                              Kimberly Smith
December 16, 2012
Facilitator: Paulina Cary

As in part I of “Building an Ethical Organization This written message provides a starting point for the Women Health Services (WHS) to comply with the mandates of its mission statement. An assessment of this essay will provide an obvious image of what WHS is all about, its innermost reason, its main beliefs, standards and honorable codes.

Being the manager of the Women Health Services is rewarding because this organization assists females in need as well as helps families handle everyday life events.   This organization also services women with OB GYN.   WHS is not for profit organization.   WHS is mandated to utilize the latest technology to facilitate health care, especially in times of increasing client case loads along with the constantly changing society.
The mission statement states says that the innermost reason of WHS is "To offer the highest standard of quality health care, concern, and sense of wellbeing to the clients that do not have these attributes in their lives."   The mission statement is altruistic in nature because the client’s needs come first. The needs of WHS are secondary. Ethical framework is the blueprint to guide and focus employee behavior. The mission statement is good for business by attracting clients in large amounts. Lastly the mission statement will put a strong passion within the clients to work harder. Working hard to meet the company’s goal and develop an impression of actually what the organization is about. The mission statement needs to be accurate and cannot be unclear in anyway. The mission statement must have feeling in order to influence people emotionally and it should be easy to recite. Mission statements must not be complicated or hard to understand. The mission statement is...