Break It Down

Break it down

Scientifically, everything is matter, break things and you’ll find true definition of every thing. Its believed that life existed due to big bang theory, initially everything was just one. Therefore the universe is such a pieced substance. If life was created to pieces, how can we apply it to every life situation that we find ourselves in? lets break it down to the core.

Do you understand yourself worth and purpose? How often do you make schedules to prepare for events, work, and school? Is there any meaning when you make a to do list? Lets break it down. Lets start with your self, break yourself into any piece. You think its not possible but its possible. Try to imagine your genetics, and picture any equation that nature has used on you. Sometimes practices like meditation, help in self realization and self dissection. If you spend time during meditation focusing on one part of the body for some time e.g. left foo, if takes a lot of break it down, you’ll tend to understand yourself better, your worth and ultimately your purpose.

Every activity needs preparation. Olympians don’t just wake up and compete, its takes them ages to get accolades, they go through trials and tribulations to culminate. Besides daily practices, they have to jot down every item they’ll need to adapt to up to standard training conditions e.g. food, training equipment and any form of motivation. They start at the route level, focusing on SWAP (strength, weakness, actions, plans). The latter is one important tool for breaking it down, then progress from each stage gradually until you reach the peak level.

The main question is, how preparedness are you at school level, work place, ans societal statuses? Who’s supposed to break it down for you?