The Break Up - Film

Pouya Rostampour
Richard Feistman
HDFS 1610
December 11, 2009
The Loss of Empty Love
There needs to be a combination of love and commitment to form any healthy relationship. Love is one of the most difficult concepts to define in a relationship mainly because each individual perceives it differently. In the romantic comedy “The Break Up”, which stars Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, the two main characters struggle to maintain their relationship due to many reasons which also includes their different definitions of what love should be and their different needs from the relationship. Vaughn known as Gary and Aniston known as Brooke are presented as an odd couple living with one another in a condo they remodeled together. The scenes of the film take place in Chicago. Gary is a tour bus operator who partly owns the company with his brothers Lupus and Dennis. In contrast, Brooke works at an art gallery, and comes from an upper class family. Gary and Brooke first meet at a Cubs game, where he convincingly sweet talks her away from her date to ask her on a date. After two years together, Gary and Brooke's relationship seems to have taken a comical wrong turn on the way to happily ever after. Now the film begins and the lines have been drawn to split the two, and their honest feelings for each other are coming out. There is absolutely no chemistry shown between Gary and Brooke through out {text:soft-page-break} any scenes of this film. The relationship of Gary and Brook is well presented without any passion or intimacy. In fact, the only thing that seems to be keeping them together through out the film is their commitment to the condo that they decorated and remodeled together.
Through out the early scenes of “The Break Up”, Gary and Brooke tend to continuously argue about many minor things around. The main issue rising in between the couple comes clearly from lack of communication. Gary's character plays the role of the prototypical male in...