Mid Term Break


Death is going to happen everyone it is inventible, some believe that in after life other believe that you are left to rest in peace, it can happen to anyone at anytime or place.

The first poem we looked at was mid term break by Seamus Heaney it was about his younger brother tragically killed in a car accident, he uses colloquial language so it appeals to everyone, having analyzed the title it seems its going to be a happy holiday but doesn’t happen for pleasant reasons, the poem is in first person narrative which mean we will be hearing his feelings and thoughts.

In the first stanza I refers to a personal experience, he has been sitting in the college sick bay all morning which implies he is sick, Heaney says all morning which makes us think he is bored Heaney uses alliteration on the letter ‘C’ which makes us refer to a clock ticking.   The word ‘knelling’ is a sound of a bell but not for changing classes it is used at sad occasions such as funerals, at 2’o’ clock Heaney’s neighbours picked him up were his parents busy?   Or maybe didn’t have a car.

In the second stanza he had met his father crying on the porch which was a role reversal as it is normally the women that cry, the two small dashes are to make us think and decide are own conclusion.   Heaney still remembers ‘Big Jim Evans’ and the way he said ‘it was a hard blow’ this is an unfortunate pun as it is literal and a metaphor.

When Heaney into the room he was embarrassed by the baby as it ‘cooed and laughed’ as it was oblivious to the situation, Heaney was further embarrassed by old men standing up and shaking his hand this is a role reversal as young people usually shake there elders hands.

Heaneys mother coughed out ‘angry tearless sighs’ we wonder why she is not crying maybe she is in shock or has already cried enough and is all cried out. Im sorry for your trouble is a use of euphemism as it replace a harsh word with a more pleasant one.

Heaney remembers the exact time the...