B120 Tma 01

To: Nick Newbury.
Date: 06/05/14
Original Travel External Report and S.W.O.T Analysis.

I will look at the key stakeholders and their contributions and provide you with an S.W.O.T analysis to help you better understand the current external threats and the opportunities to help take Original Travel forward.

Stakeholders and contributions:
  * Owners- Nick Newbury, Tom Barber and Alastair Poulain.
The contributions based on the case study of yourself, Tom and Alastair, are:
Passionate about the business.
Desire to expand the business.
Concerned about merger with Tim Best.
Fearful of company losing its identity.
There is not much mentioned about the contribution of Tom and Alastair,                 and Nick seems to be the main spokesperson and driving force behind the business.
  * Staff- Staff a key element of the business, based on the case study it seems they have built a understanding of the needs of the company’s main demographic.
Staff maybe worried about the merger with Tim Best travel, thinking this may result in job losses and uncertainty of the company’s identity.
  * Customers- Customer base as remained loyal to the brand.
Might be concerned about environment issues in regards to air travel.
And value for money.
The early success of the business was a result of the unique, short haul, activity packed holidays and new experience for the customer.
To use one of Gareth Morgan’s business metaphors a ‘psychic prison’(Morgan,1986),   I believe you may confine your thinking of what the main demographic of the niche holidays is, and market towards the financial sector workers and therefor alienate other demographics from these holidays.
I also believe you underestimated the importance of keeping the niche of the short activity packed holiday even when merging with Tim Best, in doing so Original Travel is in danger of losing its identity in an expanding market, sacrificing any competitive advantage. The...