B120 Tma 01

To: Patricia Lodge
From: Sue Gill

Part 1(a)
Part   (b)
SWOT analysis
Part   (c)
Part 2

Part 1 (a)
I have decided to use section 6 of the study session in book 1.
From my research of the Lodge Bistro I have found the following problems within the company.
1) An annual meeting at HQ, instead of regular financial reports and audits.
As Patricia has given café managers autonomy to manage their bistro, she computerised the financial report system and audit visits have been minimised. Information management’s purpose is to gather information and based on this information decisions are made.
2) Food and service quality standards are falling as are in particular of the East Chem bistro has been in the bottom 10% with poor quality and key standards are not being met.
Goods and services are provided to customer requirements as part of operations in the business.

Part (b)

A S.W.O.T analysis for the Lodge Bistro chain.
Marketing operations HR finance
Strengths The lodge name Customers preferred the lively interior

All across the chain was identical

Specific standard of cleanliness and maintenance Café managers responsibility to train workers and supervisors Once a month a quality audit for each café.

Monthly financial report
Weaknesses East Chem bistro Slacked a formal structure , rules and regulation

Having a yearly meeting in HQ centred on meeting targets rather than how they are met
Tool and Servia are below standard Gave autonomy to café managers.

Different managers do different things             -
Opportunities Expansion or retention of already opened cafe Can increase standards in general especially with East Chem bistro             -             -
Threats Café Rouge, greasy spoon and other food outlets May possibly have to reduce number of outlets Because new staff are leaving after being trained. There is pressure on the old staff, the old staff may leave if the pressure...