B120 Ema

End-of-module assessment
Question 1
In order to grow the business, I decided to complete a STEEP and SWOT analysis evaluating Bremont’s HRM, accounting and finance, and marketing functions. I used my analysis table to identify how the internal and external environmental factors relate to organization's competitive position in relation to its competitors.
S(ociological) - greater numbers of low income groups, wider array of migrants from EU, inequality, geographic mobility, employment,   dependence economy,   life expectancy rises significantly, Increased division in society                                                                        
T(echnological) - world economy and technical innovation, changing nature of logistics ie internet shopping, online communities (small world), need to develop technologies, Business processes, Improvements in technology i.e. bringing in robots etc. could mean a decline (further) in employment?
E(conomic) - uncertainty in identifying growth opportunities,   relations with other economies, Increase in regulation, economic globalisation, shifting up the value chain, power base / economic centre of gravity moving south and east, World economy war, Investment, economic depression, global solutions to investments
E(nvironmental) - infrastructure requirements, cultural heritage, sustainability, better design quality, global pandemic
P(olitical) - political structures, institutional structures, International tension, multiculturalism, taxation and finance, purchasing power, impact of constant political change

SWOT analysis for Bremont Watches based on STEEP analysis.
| HMR | Accounting & Finance | Marketing |
S(trengths) | Human resource management is very effective:1. Bermont has taken on people working in repair departments for big watch brands and trained them to build new watches,2. Bermont approached people with an opportunity to progress.3.Very good, devoted staff | Increasing production and doing a...