Ema Guidlines

EMA Extending professional learning
Cut-off date: 28 May 2012
Word limit: 3000 words
The end-of-module assessment (EMA) gives you an opportunity to review all you have learnt. We ask that you do this in a reflective way, by examining how your practice and understanding have developed, and also by reviewing your achievements to date against the module’s learning outcomes.
Make sure that you have read the instructions on completing and submitting your assignments in the Assessment guide on the module website.
Outline for the examinable component
The EMA is designed to reflect your learning throughout the module and so it naturally relates to all of the learning outcomes.
The EMA specifically addresses the learning outcomes:
  * KU1, KU3, KU4, KU6, KU7, KU8
  * CS1, CS2, CS3
  * KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
  * PS2.
You will need to identify in the main text of your EMA how you have met the following learning outcomes:
  * KU1, KU3, KU4, KU6, KU7, KU8
  * CS2, CS3
  * PS2.
Those learning outcomes not listed above (KU2, KU5, PS1 and PS3) should not be considered less important. It is likely that you will demonstrate them all in completing your EMA.
All of the learning outcomes are assessed through the four TMAs.
Assessment task
The focus of your assessment will be to:
Write an account of the way in which your role as a practitioner has developed over the past year.
It should comprise the following parts.
Part 1 (100 words)
For this part you should provide an introduction to your assignment and an ethical statement.
Part 2 (1300 words)
In this part you should show how your understanding has changed and developed in relation to:
  * the ways in which children learn and develop
  * the ways in which early years settings support children’s learning and development.
Refer back to your TMAs to support your arguments.
Include examples of how your practice and understanding have developed in the following areas: