B120 Tma


An Introduction to Business Studies


TMA01 – Part 1


Part I – Report on Lodge Bistro 3

  Summary & Introduction 3

  Part (a) Identifying the problem 3

  Part (b) Concepts applied to issues identified 3

  Part (c) Recommendations 3

Part II: Contribution & Understanding - TGF 5

  References 5

  Part I – Report on Lodge Bistro

To Patricia Lodge

From Julian Marshall Date: 30/10/2013

    Summary & Introduction

    Part (a) Identifying the problem

    Part (b) Concepts applied to issues identified

    Part (c) Recommendations

  Dear Patricia

  I have written you this report as requested on helping you understand and hopefully change the current situation of your business my findings will be broken down into 3 parts as stated above.

Part a
From what I can see the problem seems to be
* Currently the economy has moved into a recession therefore the amount of disposable income people are spending on eating and drinking has fallen
* The Lodge Bistro is constrained by its formula mainly being based in the south
* There is an inconsistency in staff recruitment, training and appraisal, food production and provision and this seems to have a greater effect with the newer managers that are employed.
* A selling point of the chain was its consistency across each outlet. Customers that liked the original concept may have been put off by the changes made by the chain, therefore took their custom elsewhere.
* East Cheam bistro does particularly bad and high staff turnover
* Multiple fast food chains (McDonald’s, Subway) coffee bars (Costa, Starbucks), and cafes in supermarkets are all becoming a huge competitor including Café Rouge a like for like competitor.
* Concept is generally dated needs a brand overhaul

Part b
I have chosen to use the SWOT analysis to apply to the business so you can examine how threats...