Information System

Information System and Organizational Department
Samaria Brady
BIS 219
April 27, 2010
Jack Davis
Information System and Organizational Department
    Every company has different departments and those departments are in charge of different tasks and employees. In order for the departments to do their job efficiently, employees need a software application to help them complete their tasks. This type of software makes employee's jobs easier and helps the company keep track of their success. Three different examples are the marketing department,   who use Customer Relationship Management,   accounting department, who use Accounting Information System, and last human resources department, who use iCIMS.
    The Marketing department in a company is in charge of acquiring and retaining customers for products and service by distinguishing customer value.   They are in charge of identifying customers needs so that they can cater to them. One of the most beneficial applications this department can use is Customer Relationship Management or CRM. This software will help the marketing department manage customer's relationship in an organized way.   The ICIMS (2010) website states, the CRM "Delivers inbound and outbound marketing capabilities that streamline the campaign process and create real-time customer profiles which can be analyzed to identify high-impact offers at the moment of customer interaction."   A company may assemble a database about their customers and match the customer needs with products and offers.   It is a good tool that marketing department can use.
    The accounting department are those in which deal with money paid, received, borrowed, or owed in the company. A good software that this department can use is Accounting Information System, better known as AIS.   According to Accounting Information Systems (2010), " The purpose of an AIS is to accumulate data and provide decision makers (investors, creditors, and managers) with the information they need...