Assignment 208

Assignment 208
Task A
Different accidents and sudden illnesses that might happen:
1. Choking
2. Falling over/ tripping up
3. Seizures
4. Fainting/ collapse
If any accidents or sudden illness is to occur all support workers must be made aware so they can help and if needed 999 is to be called. Support workers must ensure all other residents are safe and being looked after. If medication is needed then a qualified support worker must take over and administer it.
Only ever undertake any manual handling if you have been correcting trained to do it. Always make sure all people involved including the resident knows what is going to happen and when. If there is any equipment that can be used and you have been trained to use it then always do. Avoid lifting or twisting unless it is absolutely necessary.
It is important that all support workers are familiar with every residents care plan. Each care plan has risk assessments on moving and handling and will have a plan for how the resident needs to be moved and supported. The care plan should always be followed to ensure the safety of the resident and staff.
To administer medication you have to of undergone a medication training course through your work place. Medication if possible should be administered by two trained staff to make sure it is correct. Any medication given to a resident should be recorded on their medication chart which will tell you the dosage and time medication should be given.
One support worker normally the senior will be responsible for the medication. They will store it correctly depending on what medication they have and will be kept out of reach and kept securely. Medication should be given at the correct time shown on the residents medication record sheet and signed for accordingly.
All support workers should be fully trained in carrying out emergency first aid, assisting with moving and handling and handling medication before taking any residents out. If you are not trained and try to...