Task One: Review What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher Would Be in Terms of the Teacher/Training Cycle.

The teaching /training cycle has five stages and most teachers/trainers will start by identifying the needs of the learner.
'Initial assessment needs to be done with learners rather than to them...' Green, M. (2003)
It establishes a starting point from which suitable lesson plans can be drawn up to establish a learner’s progress.
1. Identify Needs
The role of a teacher is to use initial or diagnostic assessment to identify previous knowledge, skills and expectations which students may have. An icebreaker will help students get to know one another, and perhaps followed by writing a short essay to help the teacher gather information about the students.
A responsibility of a teacher is to discover any special needs students may have and their preferred learning styles. This might be done by meeting the student beforehand, or alternatively, a discussion by telephone.
We might usefully consider 4 basic "learning styles": Activist - Pragmatist - Theorist - Reflector. (Honey and Mumford).
A teacher must also respect students and be aware of boundaries that cause students to withhold information of a sensitive or personal nature. Confidentiality of student information must be paramount at all times. I have found that Discussion over the ‘phone with a new student before taking them out on the road identifying their needs works well for me.

2. Plan and Design
At this stage it is the teachers’ role and responsibility to plan a structured scheme of work using suitable resources and methods of teaching to capture the students attention and maximise the learning curve and taking into account special needs of any students.  
'You will need to decide what is essential to be taught (the must),
what is important (the should), and what is helpful (the could). (Gravells 2008)
An exception to this would be when delivering an accredited course which must follow specific guide lines.
When creating lesson plans, teachers must always be aware of boundaries or...