Mr Adrian Ratcliffe

Assessment 1.1
Describe what you role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.
From the beginning the teacher’s role and responsibility would be to give an indication to what information the course would offer. Setting the ground rules is also an important priority which makes the class interact with each other and sets boundaries for behaviour and discipline.
Expectations of what will be required from the student should be explained at this point. When I am planning classes, I need to make the aims and outcomes clear by breaking down the content so that both the teacher and the student will be able to understand.
Support for any students whose boundaries cannot be met by me, will be signposted if possible internally but if not external help will be sought to help the learner, boundaries can be language or learning disabilities, writing ability or just lack of confidence. Some learners will have barriers to learning that may affect their attendance, perhaps due to transport or childcare arrangements. Ann Gravells (2008:14). Teachers must also ensure students have equal rights to learning and provide the opportunity to evaluate what is already known while explaining aims and objectives from a different perspective.
The delivery of the course will come from a variety of methods and many will be learner orientated as this helps the group interact. Sessions will incorporate visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles. My teaching role is to create a safe learning environment to establish open and trusting relationships. Assessment of learning is a continual feedback loop allowing the teacher to measure that learning has actually taken place, and if any issues need to be addressed.
The completion of attendance records and maintaining records of learner progress, e.g. interviews, tutorials, assessments, etc and to set achievable goals for all students to work towards. Recording changes by completing...